Rapidly Identify Acute Myocardial Infarction


Simplicity, Speed and Accuracy

The method is simple, yet powerful. Rather than taking excess time to locate and read all of the elements of an electrocardiogram, the window theory teaches medical professionals to focus on specific aspects of the electrocardiogram using a template that highlights specific areas of the electrocardiogram that will produce the fastest and most accurate diagnosis. This is also helpful in the Hospital's ER and other units with telemetry is required and helpful for Nurses Telemetry Techs, Paramedics and Medical Residents.

New EMS Edition

Now available in our EMS Edition for Use with the Stryker Lifepak.

Reading 12 Lead EKGs is a difficult skill to learn. It requires considerable practice to become proficient in EKG interpretation. This guide is an important resource for novice learners as well as accomplished clinicians. It offers an easy-to-read guide to assist in the rapid assessment of acute myocardial infarctions with the fastest and most accurate diagnosis.

Stryker LP 15 12 Lead Guide for Paramedic use in the field.
stryker lifepak 15

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