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Yes, one tool can make a difference. A difference in preparation and response times, a difference in not being weighed down by multiple tools and having free hands, and most importantly a difference to those that we are dedicated to serving. Learn more about the Kor-Tech Fire Tool and how one product can equipt you with the multiple tools that you need.
Kor-Deck Fire Tool

Why Choose Kor-Deck

The Kor-Deck Fire Tool is designed with quality and dependability in mind. Forged with two separate metals, it's workmanship and design means a peace of mind you can trust.

  • Solid Stainless Steel and 304 High-Grade Steel
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Fully Retractable with a 2' Reach
  • Convenient to Carry
  • Easily Stores in Your Pocket, Bunker or Car
  • Developed by US Army Medic and Fire Safety Rescue Veteran
  • Veteran Owned and Made in the USA

More Features

  • PRY/SEARCH WEDGE - The triangle wedge can be used to pry open windows and small door jams along with an extra 2 feet of search reach.
  • SPRINKLER WEDGE - With its 2 foot reach, the triangle-shaped wedge will fit most sprinkler heads to slow water flow and give you time to shut off the water.
  • HYDRANT WRENCH - Opening the hydrant is easy. Because it is short and compact, you can turn hydrant caps off without hitting the ground. If you need extra leverage, just extend the wrench handle. Available in a square or hex head option.
  • WINDOW PUNCH - The tool end can be used to break automobile glass, house windows or any glass requiring you to gain access or egress.
  • PIKE POLE - While inside of a structure, the extendable pike pole handle lets you reach an additional 2 feet upward.
  • GAS/WATER KEY - The perfect tool to fit natural gas line shut offs and water shut offs with the leverage and durability you need to turn even those rusty old valves.

Available in Square and Hex Head Versions

Extendable Fire Tool

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