Introducing the next generation of safe pediatric dosing for emergency situations

Pedi-Sleeve Bag

Why the Pedi-Sleeve?

Invented by Paramedic/Firefighter Stan Kordecki. Pedi-Sleeve is designed to be the next generation of safe medication dosing utilizing the color-coded method in the pre-hospital or hospital setting.

  • Significantly improves ease of use when compared to traditional length-based tape methods.
  • Easy to read with large text in both milligrams and milliliters (volume), minimizing dosing errors by eliminating the need for calculations.
  • Follows current 2021 Guidelines. The inserts can also be customized to reflect individual protocols as well as future guideline changes.
  • Pedi-Sleeve Kit comes with nine color sleeves which reflect the colors of industry-standard length-based resuscitation tapes.
  • Veteran Owned and Made in the USA.

Pedi-Sleeve Benefits

  • Wearing Pedi-Sleeve on your forearm means the exact dose in milliliters is always just a glance away. This makes drug calculations—the number one source of pediatric medication dosing errors—unnecessary and obsolete.
  • When a patient is transferred, Pedi-Sleeve is also transferred from one team leader to the next. This facilitates seamless continuity of care.
  • Standard medication dosing and equipment sizes.
  • Significantly improves ease of use when compared to traditional methods. No more reading a tape, chart or book - Hands Are Free!
  • Dosing errors are minimized by eliminating the need for calculations; Dose in volume.
  • Inserts can be customized to reflect protocols and future guidelines.
  • Save on department funding. Never purchase a tape, chart or book again when standards change.
  • Sleeves are disposable.
Pedi-Sleeve Roll Kit

Three Convenient Methods of Deployment

Response Bag

Response Bag

Includes 9 pouches & 9 disposable sleeves, 1 measuring device. Pedi-sleeve available for customization.
Replacement Sleeves

Replacement Sleeves

Replace individual pedi-sleeves for use with existing pedi-bags. Available in 9 different colors.
$12.96 each
Roll Kit

Roll Kit

Roll Kit includes 9 disposable sleeves and 1 measuring device. Pedi-sleeve available for customization.
$159.95 each

Easy to Use When it Counts the Most

At St. Pete Safety, we believe as service professionals, we must always be ready at a moment's notice. That means having the right tools to do what we do best. Watch how easy it is to work with our Pedi-Sleeve product. Our system is easy to keep readily available, always dependable, and not something that will get in the way of doing our jobs.

Ordering Information

Pedi-Sleeve Kit contains one each of nine sleeves reflecting the colors of industry-standard length-based resuscitation tapes and one Pedi-Sleeve Measuring Device in a soft, roll-up case. The inserts can also be customized to reflect individual protocols as well as future guideline changes.
PQR10014..............Roll Kit Pedi-Sleeve Kit
PQR10017..............Response Bag Pedi-Sleeve Kit
PQR2007...............Blue Sleeve
PQR2001................Gray Sleeve
PQR2009...............Green Sleeve
PQR2008...............Orange Sleeve
PQR2002................Pink Sleeve
PQR2004................Purple Sleeve
PQR2003................Red Sleeve
PQR2006................White Sleeve
PQR2005................Yellow Sleeve
PQR3001..................Pedi-Sleeve Measuring Device

Basic Instructions

Use the Pedi-Sleeve Measuring Device to measure the height of patient from the head end to get the color zone. Then use the correct color Pedi-Sleeve sleeve and medical reference cards to get the medication dose and administration instructions. These contain standard doses for common resuscitation medications based on 2021 standards. 

Indications for Use
Pediatric patients less than 144cm in length and/or 37kg in weight.

Overweight Patients
Pedi-Sleeve Measuring Device color zones are based on 50th percentile estimated weight for length from the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data set. For obese patients, bump up to the next higher color zone.

Re-ordering, Care and Cleaning
Pedi-Sleeve cuffs are disposable if soiled. Please see below for ordering information. Pedi-Sleeve Measuring Device is water-resistant and easily cleaned with a mild, non-abrasive anti-microbial cleaner.

Terms of Use

The pedisleeve is designed to provide general information about dosage, equipment and vital signs for pediatric emergency care purposes. It is customizable in order to allow for users to enter the appropriate dosing regimens and medication concentrations appropriate to their EMS service or healthcare institution. Instructions will be provided regarding customization through St. Pete Safety. Reasonable efforts have been made to prevent corruption of the dosing cards document during the customization process, however, users should verify the accuracy of calculations before deploying this reference tool within their organization.

  1. The user accepts all liability related to your use of this application;
  2. You agree that you will hold St Pete Safety and Environment harmless for your use of this application;
  3. You agree that these guidelines do not replace your medical judgment and/or established medical care protocols;
  1. You agree that this tool is not intended for use by persons who are not licensed health care providers;
  2. You agree that if you have any specific questions about any medical matter that you will consult your medical director, another licensed physician, or other appropriate healthcare provider.

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