No Blood Draw Sleeve

SKU: PRQ5000

The perfect safety tool to alert medical professionals when your arm should not be used for medical procedures including blood pressures.

Developed by a Firefighter Paramedic & Army Medic, the No Blood Draw Sleeve is a simple, yet highly effective tool to let doctors, nurses and technicians know that NO BLOOD PRESSURE; NO INTRAVENOUS; NO BLOOD DRAWS should be administered on the affected arms(s). The use of needles for injections, blood draws, intravenous lines on the “at risk" arm creates a potential entry point for bacteria and poses a real threat of infection.

The sleeve includes an extra pocket that's ideal for adding medication lists, contact numbers or medical history. Make your own list and place the list in the plastic pocket. "This is something no other medical sleeve has."

For protection, the sleeve should be worn during doctors' visits, in the hospital before during and after surgery, or admission for any reason. The Sleeve provides safety, comfort and peace of mind for patients, nurses, doctors and techs by alerting the staff of the patient’s potential risk for injury.

Orange in color for high visibility. The sleeve is not claimed to be a cure or a treatment. It is simply an alerting tool for medical professionals. Made of stretch-
polyester, it's comfortable, will not unravel and is latex-free.

Dimension (L x W x H) 16.5 x 13.5 x 1 Inch
Weight 0.5 Pound