Safe and accurate evacuation of patients from nursing homes, hospitals & acute care facilities.

patient evacuation sleeve

Evacuation Sleeve System

When the need for evacuation quickly arises, the Evacuation Sleeve System is there to assist. Perfect for nursing homes, hospitals and assisted living facilities, the Evacuation Sleeve is a great tool for safe and effective transport. Simply place everything the patient needs in the large orange bag, place the sleeve on the patient's arm and their belongings and vital information stays with them.


  • Place required items, medical records, patient belongings or medications in the large bag.
  • Record patient information on the orange sleeve and place it on the patient's forearm.
  • Use a permanent marker to record the patient's name in the grey area.

US Patent 9,536,448

Be prepared in power outages, rising water, electrical issues or any other event when the need for quick and accurate patient moving is imperative.