Comfortable and effective arm sleeve for No Blood Pressure; No IVs and No Blood Draws.


No Blood Draw Sleeve

When the physician says that our arm should not be used for medical procedures including blood pressures, the No Blood Draw Sleeve is the perfect solution. Developed by a Firefighter Paramedic and Army Medic, our simple, yet effective tool lets doctors, nurses and technicians know that NO BLOOD PRESSURE, NO INTRAVENOUS, and NO BLOOD DRAWS should be administered on the affected arm(s).

  • Provides comfort and peace of mind for patients and medical staff by alerting the staff of the patient's potential risk of injury.
  • Made of stretch polyester for comfort and ease of use.
  • Will not unravel and is latex-free.
  • High visibility orange color.
  • Extra pocket, perfect for medical lists, contact numbers, medical history or your own list, which is only found on our medical sleeve.
  • Veteran Owned and Made in the USA.

US Patent 9,536,448

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